May 13, 2017

‘Cabinet reshuffle definite’ - President

President Maithripala Sirisena had told the weekend newspaper ‘Lankadeepa’ that a Cabinet reshuffle will definitely take place.

He had further stated that the Prime Minister too had expressed his approval for this move and with that, the ministry secretaries too would be reshuffled.

He said this reshuffle was being done due to requests by many quarters for the greater good of both the country and its people.

The President said the Poya moon had still not faded and it is still very bright.

The newspaper further reported that a senior ministerial position is expected to be changed in this reshuffle.

Bribe Dansal:

 Meanwhile, Weekend paper ‘Sathhanda’ reported that with the aim of preventing his mistrial post being taken away, a certain senior minister is engaged in heavily bribing various parties to have them pressurise the President and Prime Minister to change their decision.

The newspaper further reported that this senior minister had also presented several Chief Prelates with expensive vehicles and has been bribing and treating UNP backbenchers offering them supervisory posts. Another minister has been promising friends and associates of the President and Prime Minister contracts for various development projects, with the hope that they would exert pressure on the leadership to change this decision to remove him from his post.