May 13, 2017

Over 300m worth vehicles: Ministry Secretaries' reluctance revealed! Featured

Due to the reluctance of ministry secretaries who fail to use their official powers to carry out duties pertaining to the supply of vehicles required by the government, Supplementary Estimates have to be presented periodically for this purpose, it was revealed.

This was revealed during a recent meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat with the participation of high ranking state officials and government advisors.

According to Presidential Secretariat sources, discussions were held regarding the Supplementary Estimates submitted to parliament regarding the importing of vehicles for six ministers, a governor and a secretary to the Prime Minister. Approximately Rs. 330 million was spent on the importing of vehicles for the above mentioned officials through Supplementary Estimates, and repeatedly this practice is being followed.

Government in uncomfortable predicament:

The government advisors pointed out that the relevant ministries have been allocated sufficient capital for this purpose and not utilising the allocated funds for the import of the required vehicles and instead forwarding suplimentary estimates for such funds is problematic and this is putting the government into a difficult predicament.

However, in response government ministers pointed out that although the required capital is been given to the relevant ministries, due to the reluctance of the ministry secretaries to put their signature to such documentation authorising the purchase of these vehicles, this situation had arisen.
They further pointed out that due to the predicament faced by  certain government officials who served within the previous government and having to face various financial fraud allegations, the current high ranking officials are reluctant to put their signature on such documents that could get them into trouble in the event the government changes.

No alternative:

The government officials pointed out that most of these government ministry secretaries are reaching retirement age and they do not want to tarnish their reputation by getting involved in unnecessary issues that would eventually deprive them of their pension as well. Hence they said at the moment under these circumstances, there is no alternative other than to fulfil their requirements through supplementary estimates in order to avoid any unwanted complications.