May 13, 2017

FCID on the alert about Prime Land building? Featured

The huge building being constructed at Ward Place, Colombo 7 by  Prime Lands Group (Pvt) Ltd, is under scrutiny by the FCID under file number FCID/107/15, according to a senior official of the FCID.

The investigation had commenced based on complaints received regarding the purchase of the land by Prime Lands and possible financial misconduct of the parties involved in the transaction.

According to the complaints received, this land adjoining the residence of former President J.R. Jayawardena of about an acre, had an Arbitration case involving 21 parties.

Cracks on J.R’s house:

Previously this land had been purchased by House of Fashion proprietor Preethi Jayawardena at Rs. 4.5 million a perch.

According to reports, Prime Lands had purchased this land from this businessman for the construction of a 65 storeyed apartment building complex.
However, currently J.R. Jayawardena’s house has cracked in several areas due to the large scale construction works being carried out.

Money laundering scam?

According to the complaints received by the FCID, for a considerable span of time, large scale construction was not permitted at Ward Place and if building constructions exceeded two floors, Municipality as well as UDA approval is not usually given.
However, Prime Lands had received approval for this large scale project and under the prevailing restrictions, this is highly suspicious, the complaints further stressed.

It is reported that the Rajapaksa regime is currently engaged in investments in the construction field in order to launder their black money and the FCID had been receiving complaints in this regard. The FCID is currently probing the possibility of Preethi Jayawardena and Prime Land too being involved in this money laundering scam, the senior FCID official further said.
Meanwhile, when we contacted a senior official of Prime Land for a comment, he said he was busy and wanted us to call later. However repeated attempts to contact him thereafter failed.