Jul 04, 2022

Order security forces de-escalate tensions immediately - BASL

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has called on the President to take all necessary steps to give instructions to the Defence Secretary, the Commanders of the Tri Forces and the Inspector General of Police to ensure that there is an immediate de-escalation of tensions in different parts of the country – especially at fuel stations – understanding the difficulties faced by public.

Whilst keeping in mind that the police and armed forces are acting under very trying circumstances, nevertheless it is necessary to give strict instructions to the police and the forces to desist from violence in dealing with the public and to act with utmost restraint, said the BASL in a statement.

“We also call upon you to ensure that steps be taken under the law to deal with errant officers who have subjected civilians to such violence,” it added.

The BASL is of the view that it is not appropriate for service personnel to be deployed in the present manner in matters which essentially should be managed by the Sri Lanka Police.

BASL Letter 22 07 04