May 08, 2017

CEB engineers demand to legalise salary hike Featured

CEB engineers are exerting pressure on the institution’s management to make legal the salary increase they had secured illegally and in an authoritarian manner during the final stages of the previous regime, reports say.

They had got their salaries increased by 100 per cent through a letter given by the then chairman, but without proper approval from the CEB director board, at a ratio of one-to-eight, instead of one-to-five.

The CEB employees union has resorted to court action against this, which has created serious salary anomalies in the institution.

In view of this matter, 28 TUs in the CEB entered into an agreement with the management.

The agreement has not been gazetted, which means it is not recognized, while the engineers violated it by getting a big pay hike.

It was due to their pressure to make their salary increase legal that the CEB chairman resigned about a week ago.

The person who was the institution’s chairman during the previous regime has been appointed to the position again, and now he too, has to face this issue.

Court ruling due soon

President of the CEB employees union Malaka Wickremasinghe said the engineers were pressurizing the chairman and the management in this manner, as the ruling in the court case they have filed is about to be delivered.

The engineers are planning to get the internal audit and legal divisions, which are presently under the chairman, under the general manager.

CEB spokesman accuse other TUs

When contacted, CEB spokesman Sulakshana Jayawardena said the salary anomalies of the engineers had been rectified on a 2015 decision by the director board.

Following that, other TUs demanded that their salary anomalies too, should be rectified, he said, adding that it was not the engineers, but the other TUs that make demands to the management.

A committee headed by the deputy chairman of the CEB has been appointed to resolve the issue, the spokesman said.