Jul 01, 2022

‘We are digging our own grave deeper every day’ - Dhammika Featured

Minister Dhammika Perera said that former Minister Basil Rajapaksa had agreed to resign if he came to Parliament.

The minister said this while addressing a media conference held in Colombo today (01).

“Perhaps he may not have wanted to resign and have his post given to a junior.”

A journalist questioned Perera on the protests staged against his appointment and asked if the day will come when he would be applauded?

In response, Dhammika Perera said, “I am also one who engaged in this struggle from 87 to 89. So that makes no difference to me. We were also on the road. If I had been caught before, I would have done the same thing. So when I come across someone who has done the same thing, I consider them my same type.”

“When we were young, around 22,23 years, our heads were on fire. In those days, we only saw photos but today’s youth have access to videos. Hence, they see various video footage and are on fire. I can understand them as I too have children. They can call for system change but the higher-ups must know who is asking for system change. I have not even fully commenced my duties yet. I have come with the intention of resolving all the issues and keeping everyone happy. If we don’t keep everyone happy, we will not be happy.”

“I am sure most of you would have called your friends or relatives overseas while standing in fuel queues and told them not to send dollars home out of anger. If not you, you may have even heard others do the same. Here, do you realize that you have paved the way to lengthen the fuel queues even further? Instead, if you convince your friends and relatives to send their dollars home, we could resolve most of our issues. Instead, we are discouraging people from sending dollars home and we are also discouraging tourists from visiting our country. In fact, we are digging our own grave and right now it is not too deep, but we are digging it deeper and deeper every day.”