May 07, 2017

4 parties propose against abolishing the executive Featured

Leaders of four political parties who are represented in the steering committee of the constitutional assembly have proposed to the committee that the executive presidency be not abolished.

Mano Ganeshan (TPA), Rauff Hakeem (SLMC), Risath Bathiudeen (ACMC) and Douglas Devananda (EPDP) say in their proposal to the 21-member steering committee they agree to the curtailment of powers of the executive only.

The steering committee is due to have one last round of talks from 23 to 25 of May to finalize its report, said a member of the committee.

He said the SLFP and the UNP were yet to submit their proposals and the steering committee was still to agree on the executive presidency and the electoral system.

As a result, lawyers Uresha Fernando, Suren Fernando and others in an advisory panel from the attorney general’s department are yet to get an opportunity to express their views to the steering committee.