Jun 29, 2022

Even children know the fate of the country - Mahanayaka Thera Featured

Mahanayaka Thera of the Asgiri chapter - Ven. Warakagoda Gnanarathana Thera says although the Maha Sangha had warned the rulers of the situation faced by the country, they did not heed their advice.
Therefore, the majority of the Sangha are disappointed, the Thera said, speaking during a religious program held in Kandy yesterday (28).

The Maha Nayaka Thera said, “When you look at the situation in the country today, politicians remain mum. But, even little children are aware of the plight of the country. They also know the reasons for this plight."
“Other than expressing sadness regarding this situation there is nothing much that we as monks can do. We advised these rulers on many occasions. But, we feel they have not heeded our advice. We warned them publicly many years ago that if the country continues in that path it will be destroyed.

“But, they did not heed our advice. It is very clear that they don’t heed our words.”

“Therefore, there is no point in wasting our words on those who do not heed our advice. Today, we monks are very disappointed and saddened.”

“As parents we understand the dilemma and hardships they undergo. But, we are helpless.”