May 06, 2017

Anti-Corruption offices close! Featured

A certain faction within the government is trying to close down the  anti-corruption office established by the good governance regime to investigate corruption committed during the Rajapaksa regime, according to reliable sources.

As an initial step, a mechanism is being implemented to forward some of the complaints that were being investigated by the financial crimes division through the anti-corruption secretariat to the CID and other special investigation divisions.

It is said that as most of these complaints are related to financial crimes, removing them from the financial crimes division which consists of specialised financial crimes experts, is problematic.
However, if the anti-corruption secretariat is closed down, there is possibility that the financial crimes division which was set up for the purpose of investigating financial crimes, could also be inactive, according to those concerned about this issue.

Rajapaksa’s up on the deal:

Currently, over 72 of the complaints have been investigated by the financial crimes division and handed over to the Attorney General. These complaints were received by the anti-corruption secretariat, which were looked into and forwarded by them to the financial crimes division or the bribery commission.

Accordingly, the closing of the anti-corruption secretariat which was a major headache to the Rajapaksas’ is a highly favourable situation for them.   

The government’s ‘Dinamina’ story:

The importance of the Corruption Prevention Secretariat is amply evident as it functions under the supervision of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

However, it is indicated that the Corruption Prevention Secretariat is to be closed down by a news article published in the government media ‘Dinamina’, which is a clear indication that the Corruption Prevention Secretariat itself has not worked towards achieving the goals they set out to accomplish.


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