May 28, 2022

Army food suppliers aiming for price increase! Featured

A group of suppliers who have been supplying food to the Army from the time of the war and who have made handsome profits are reported to have claimed that supplying food is problematic and requested for payments every three months utilizing even Army financial reserves.

This notice has been given to the Army during last Thursday’s meeting at the Army Headquarters between the suppliers and the Army Supplies Board of Directors.

The suppliers have also insisted that the price revisions which are generally done once in three months, be done every month.

They have also demanded that the fine imposed on delayed supply of frozen foods be removed.

They have pointed out that the delay in supplying such frozen foods is due to the prevailing power cuts in the country.

The suppliers have also demanded that the Rs. 200 taxes imposed on imported fish, in order to encourage local fisheries, be removed.

However, despite these suppliers demanding for higher payments and threatening the Army, it is reported that the food supplied by them is not of proper nutritional standard.

One of the suppliers had commented to the Sunday Lankadeepa claiming that the required food stuff is not provided in order to provide a nutritious meal. “They provide pumpkin instead of beans, dried fish instead of fish etc. In the future if dry fish prices increase, we will not even be able to supply them dryof  fish.”

Requested for price increase – Madura Wickramaratne

Meanwhile, Madura Wickramaratne, the main supplier of food to the Army, told a newspaper that a price increase was given when the Army Supplies Board was told of the existing problems, but added that the increase was insufficient.

Although the newspaper had inquired how much of an increment he had been given, Madura declined to reveal the exact amount.

Army food nutritious – Army Media Spokesman

Although there were claims that the food supplied to the Army by the suppliers is not of proper nutritional standard, Military Spokesman Brigadier Dilantha Premaratne had told a weekend newspaper that the meals provided to the Army at present is in no way substandard.