May 28, 2022

Audit report released on ousted DG of SLBC!

The audit report by the National Audit Office on former Director General of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Chandrapala Liyanage on increasing his salary through ten increments has been released.

When inquired by Sri Lanka Mirror in this regard, the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Hudson Samarasinghe said that although the relevant report had been received, none of its contents could be revealed.

He said that the report would be presented to the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

However, according to information received by Sri Lanka Mirror, the report confirms that the former DG is said to have increased his salary through ten increments.

At the time he was appointed to the post of Director General, his basic salary stood at Rs. 93,020. However, he had increased his basic salary to Rs. 120,020 at once through ten increments.

The Audit report shows that after he had increased his basic salary through such increments, he had also claimed Rs. 414,900 as salary arrears.

SLM learns that the Audit Office has given the Chairman 14 days to notify them on the action to be taken regarding the report.

It is also reported that a copy of the report has been sent to the Media Ministry Secretary for relevent action.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Joint Trade Union Alliance of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation has met the Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media and Information Anusha Pelpita last Thursday.