May 28, 2022

Parliamentarians to get lunch packets instead of buffet!

Speaker Mahindayapa Abeywardena has focused his attention on providing a nutritious low cost meal to the Members of Parliament, its staff and visitors to Parliament, it is reported.

Accordingly, the Speaker is said to be looking into the possibility of providing a cheaper parcel of rice instead of the buffet method of serving food.

It is also said that the Speaker has taken this decision taking into consideration the country’s current crisis and the various criticism from society regarding the food being served to parliamentarians in parliament.

The Speaker is said to have discussed this matter with several parties already.

Meanwhile, 53 members of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) have filed a petition seeking the suspension of the meals provided by Parliament.

Accordingly, the Speaker has taken steps to suspend the lunch of the Members of Parliament from the following day and had informed the Parliament about it.

The Speaker will take a decision regarding the meals of the rest of the parliamentarians following the meeting with the party leaders.

According to sources, the highest expenditure in Parliament is on food and drink for MPs and guests.

According to the financial division, the amount spent on food and beverages is Rs. 120 million annually.

It is also estimated that the annual expenditure on drinking water in Parliament is Rs. 9 million.