May 27, 2022

Party leaders agree that 21A should be passed ASAP (Pics)

The Party Leaders meeting to discuss the draft 21st Amendment was held under the auspice of the Prime Minister today (27).

The purpose of the meeting was to allow the Party Leaders present their observations regarding the draft Amendment. 

A general consensus was reached that a 21st Amendment to the Constitution had to be passed as soon as possible.

Following the discussions it was decided that due to the Tamil National Alliance being unable to attend today's meeting, they would hold a final meeting next Friday (3), with the TNA's attendance, so as to finalise the draft. 

The Prime Minister also announced that during the week if any parties wished to seek further clarification they could do so from the Minister of Justice. 

Party Leaders agreed that re-enactment of 19A in the form of 21A would be the first step, abolishment of Executive Presidency would be the second step.

Party Leaders will also further discuss whether or not the President can retain the Defence portfolio.

Party Leaders Meeting 1

Party Leaders Meeting 2

Party Leaders Meeting 3

Party Leaders Meeting 4

Party Leaders Meeting 5

Party Leaders Meeting 6