May 25, 2022

Ready to take over as PM even today - Sajith

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa has said that he is ready to take over as the Prime Minister even today (25).

Addressing a media briefing today (25) he stated that however, he would never betray policies for the sake of power and that he was ready to take charge as the Prime Minister and appoint a fresh, clean cabinet.

Speaking further he has said :

"Let's talk about the bitter truth. Can a government with the Central Bank robbers catch thieves? Today, it is not a government but a mess. A game being played with the lives of our people at stake. Today, I clearly state that I am ready to be the PM and appoint an untainted administration even today. However, we will not agree to betrayals. Like my father, I am now a seasoned man who has had a hard path to take. Our proposals for the 21st Amendment include the abolition of the executive presidency as well as measures to ensure an executive PM isn't created."