May 23, 2022

O/L examination commences from today!

The GCE Ordinary Level Examination commenced today (23)  at 3,844 centers island-wide.

A total of 517,496 candidates are sitting for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination this year out of which 407,129 are school candidates, the Examinations Department said.

It further said that 110,367 are independent candidates.

This year 542 examination coordinating centers have been established island-wide.

The GCE Ordinary Level Examination which commences today will go on untill the 01st of June.

This year the GCE O/L Examination is being held amidst fuel, gas and economic crises and the Examinations Department took steps to organize the preliminary measures over the past several weeks, step-by-step.

Measures were taken to give priority to officers engaged in examination duties and the department appealed to the public to provide the necessary facilities for these officers to obtain their fuel without any hindrance.

The government also appealed to all parties to give priority to vehicles transporting students sitting for the examination, to obtain fuel without any obstruction.

However, Examinations Commissioner General L.M.D. Dharmasena requested all candidates sitting for the GCE O/L examination to report to their respecting examination centers well ahead of time, given the crisis situation in the country.

Meanwhile, Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa explaining the security measures taken for the examination said, “

"The police have made arrangements for the security of all students sitting for the GCE O/L examination as well as the protection of  answer sheets and question papers.

This GCE Ordinary Level Examination will be held at 3,844 centers this year. The police have already implemented the necessary security for all centers island wide. Each of these centers have been allocated one Police Sergeant and two Police Constables. A police post has also been set up at the Examinations Department to coordinate the required security arrangements.”