May 23, 2022

Petrol bomb attack on Temple Trees!

Preliminary investigations into the May 09th violent incidents that took place surrounding Temple Trees have revealed that amidst the violent mobs, several persons wearing face coverings had come on motorcycles and hurled several petrol bombs and fled.

These details have been revealed through the CCTV footage obtained through drone cameras during the incident on May 09th.

While the mysterious attackers had taken steps to conceal the registration numbers of the motorcycles they came in, investigations are being carried out on several fronts in order to identify them, it is reported.

As a result of the petrol bomb attacks and burning at Temple Trees that day, seven police vehicles including two  trucks and two busses were completely destroyed.

Petrol bomb attack on the Ipalogama petrol shed owner!

Preliminary investigations have revealed that a group of people who had allegedly set fire to the Ipalogama petrol station in Kekirawa due to petrol stocks running out, had attacked the petrol station owner's house with petrol bombs at around 9.45 on Saturday night (21).

This attack had been carried out by a motorcycle gang. It is also revealed that the petrol shed owner’s father was a former Chairman of the Ipalogama Pradeshiya Sabha.

There is also suspicion over the organized burning and petrol bomb attacks on several of the houses belonging to politicians on the 09th .

The investigating officers have said that investigations have revealed that several gangs belonging to one group are responsible for the setting on fire to places on the 09th in the Anuradhapura and Southern province.  

They claim that this has been established through the CCTV footage, telephone records and analytical reports.

It has also been revealed that the attack on minister Bandula Gunawardena’s house was carried out by a group of a different area. They had come on motorcycles and had also set fire to two government vehicles at his house.