May 22, 2022

Johnston to be summoned to CID tomorrow?

It is reported that MP Johnston Fernando and several other parliamentarians are to be summoned to appear before the CID tomorrow (23).

This is with regard to the attack on peaceful protestors at Galle Face and Kollupitiya on May 09.

Meanwhile, the CID has arrested a relative of an underworld gang member, for allegedly hitting a peaceful protester on the head with an iron rod at Galle Face.

The suspect, identified as Ashantha Nalaka alias 'Satha Nalaka' (43), was arrested by the CID while hiding in the Hokandara area.

He had arrived at the scene in a scooter together with a group of SLPP supporters.

Police have also detected that he is the person who had driven an Army bus before stopping it before the protestors at Mirihana. 

He had also spoken out against the protestors in front of the Parliament on May 05.