Apr 21, 2017

HDFC denies bonus for TU members Featured

The HDFC Bank has denied the New Year bonus for 12 of its trade unionist employees, who have questioned an attempt by Perpetual Treasuries to acquire a majority stake of the bank illegally, ‘Ravaya’ reports.

More than 500 employees of the bank, excepting the 12, who are executive committee members of the Lanka Bank Employees Union, were paid the bonus on April 07.

The management is yet to explain as to why they were not given the bonus.

The Union has written two letters of protest to subject minister Kabir Hashim, and even his instruction had been disregarded by the bank’s chairman, reports say.

It has also lodged a complaint with the labour commissioner.

On April 17, addressing the staff, HDFC bank chairman R.K.D. Silva said that despite any objections, the bank’s shares would be issued and that it was unimportant for him who the buyer was, Arjun Aloysius or Prabhakaran.

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