Apr 21, 2017

Rs. 30,000 hampers for chief ministers, officials Featured

Fifty hampers, each costing Rs. 30,000, have been made ready to be given to the eight provincial chief ministers and other officials who will be attending the chief ministers’ conference that is due to take place at a star class hotel in Habarana on May 06.

A hamper contains a bottle each of bee’s honey and ghee, a handloom-woven sarong, a handloom-woven saree and several varieties of local rice.

All CMs are men, but a saree is to be given to each of them.

The North Central province is giving these hampers at a cost of Rs. 1.5 million, while the province’s farmers have lost their crops in two consecutive seasons and are yet to receive a Rs. 10,000 monthly payment as compensation promised for them.

When contacted, the chief secretary of the NCP said as Sinhalese, it was a tradition to entertain and treat guests.

The hampers does not have gems or pearls, but a bottle of bee’s honey from the province, toxic free rice etc., he said, adding that there was no truth to claims that hundreds of thousands of rupees have been spent on them.

This is the norm at CMs’ conferences elsewhere in the country, he added.