Apr 20, 2017

Meethotamulla faces many health issues Featured

Residents near the Meethotamulla waste dump are facing many short and long term health issues, says the public health inspectors association.

President of the association Upul Rohana advises them to be cautious of any arising health issues.

Chemicals in polythene, plastic and metals in the garbage dump will pose long-term health problems, he notes.

He advises the Meethotamulla residents against using the water sources in the area, and also to drink only the boiled water.

Rohana says they should not also walk in the area and should refrain from consuming fruits, vegetables and green-leaves cultivated there.

Steps taken to prevent disease outbreak

However, the Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Unit says initial steps have been taken to prevent any outbreak of disease in the area.

Epidemiologist Samitha Ginige says health staff is visiting the people on a daily basis and obtain details of their health condition.

Fumigation to prevent mosquito breeding, treatment to patients, sanitation facilities, provision of clean drinking water and food continue, he adds.