Apr 18, 2017

John Amaratunga reprimanded in filth by UNP organizer Featured

UNP organizer for Katana electorate Rose Fernando has reprimanded tourism minister John Amaratunga in a dispute over the taxi service tender at the Katunayake airport, reports say.

It all began after Amaratunga had tried to grant a taxi permit to an outsider, which has been opposed by Fernando.

According to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror, the tourism ministry, which is responsible for issuing the permits, had suspended the permission it had given for the tender.

It has cited complaints against the recipient of the tender as the reason for the suspension.

Amaratunga had then sought permission for a person identified as Chutte to include five taxis at the airport, and asked Fernando to approve it, noting that Chutte had supported him at the last general election.

The UNP organizer has refused to do so, saying that Chutte was a Rajapaksa loyalist, and also that she could not act outside the tender procedure.

Chutte is married to the daughter of one Titus, an underworld leader.