Apr 17, 2017

Wife, one child already lost, father looks for missing daughter Featured

Some still remain near the collapsed waste dump at Meethotamulla hoping to see a glimpse of their loved ones who are yet to be found from the debris.

The death toll from the incident has risen to 28, with 30 are officially unaccounted for.

Eleven have been injured.

MeethotamullaTragedy2 17 04 17Sivakumar lost his wife and one child, and he is looking for the other child, a daughter, who is missing.

The Disaster Management Centre says 980 people belonging to 228 families have been affected by the waste dump collapse.

Twenty six families, with 129 members, are given shelter at a safe location.

The Centre says 79 houses had been destroyed and 17 others partly damaged.

The military and relief teams are still involved in rescue operations.

The funerals for those whose bodies have been recovered are taking place, but angry residents have told politicians not to visit the area.

The Finance Ministry says a Rs. 100,000 compensation will be paid in lieu of each lost life, and a maximum Rs. 2.5 million for a property loss.

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