Apr 15, 2017

Maduru Oya, 54,250 acres to China! Featured

It is reported that the government is planning on releasing 54,250 acres of land from Maduru-Oya to China for the establishment of industrial development projects.

As direct investment 43,250 acres is to be provided for the establishment of sugarcane factories.
Animal husbandry is also a planned development project.

The Maduru-Oya development project proposal was brought to the fore by the Batticaloa District Development Committee with the direct involvement of the Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry.

Under the Right to Information Act, the people in the area had sought answers to 172 questions with regard to the project but had received response from the Mahaweli Development Authority and the Ministry of Environment for 15 of these queries.

However, the residents allege that through the responses provided by the above ministries, they have attempted to mislead the public.
The residents have filed a case in the Appeals Court and the case is to be taken up on April 27.