Apr 15, 2017

Three powerful countries against Hambantota being given to China Featured

In addition to India having expressed displeasure over the handing over of the Hambantota harbour to China, America and Japan too have expressed their objection to Sri Lanka’s decision to hand over Hambantota to China, according to diplomatic sources.

These countries have informed Sri Lanka that in the event Hambantota is handed over to Chine for development purposes, the port security, entry and exit operations etc should remain under the control of the Sri Lanka Navy.

It is believed that India, America and Japan have objected due to a similar prior incident where security in the region was jeopardised when China took over Pakistan’s Gwadar Port.

It is reported that Sri Lanka Has offered the Trincomalee harbour to India and development activities to be funded by Japan, in order to appease these countries. It is also reported that the Oil Tank Farm in Trincomalee is also to be developed in collaboration with India.