Jan 29, 2022

New Covid-19 variant spread is the fault of the Ministry! Featured

The Covid-19 variant that is causing the new wave of infections could not be prevented from entering the country due to the wrong guidelines of the Ministry of Health, said the President of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Professionals, Ravi Kumudesh.

He said that Delta, Omicron or any other variant could have been prevented from entering the country easily, but the failure of the Health Ministry to take action has caused the rapid spread of the infection.

He also said that the country is now experiencing the consequences of taking for granted that the Covid-19 infection is over as the death rate in the country had reduced.

He further said, at present the Covid-19 capacity limit has been exceeded with no PCR or antigen facilities. There is no place to discuss the problems that exist in the Ministry of Health. There is no one to listen. The first 'Omicron' infected person was identified in the first week of December. It was a couple who were not vaccinated who brought 'Omicron' to Sri Lanka.

This is due to the relaxing of rules at the airport. Then the Indian who came to play casino walked around the country with Omicron. No one did any testing. Now Omicron has spread throughout the country.