Jan 24, 2022

Thushan to file FR petition against officers who prevented his overseas travel!

Thushan Gunawardena, the former Executive Director of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) says that he has filed a Fundamental Rights petition against all the officials who made him a suspect in the garlic fraud case and led the police to ban him from travelling abroad.

He says the petitions will be filed within the next two to three days with the assistance of a lawyer on such treatment to someone like him who did something good for the country by exposing the garlic fraud and issues related to the composition of gas.

He had made all the arrangements to leave for the United States on business and when he arrived at the airport, he was refused permission to travel overseas stating that he has been named as a suspect in a case pending in the Welisara Magistrate's Court and had a travel ban imposed on him.

Therefore, he had to return home.

He said that there is no legal case against him in any court, adding that therefore, the President, Minister in charge of the Police and the IG must investigate how they had obtained a travel ban against him.

He added that no statement had been obtained from him so far and he had not been notified of any travel ban against him either.

Gunawardena added that therefore, it must be revealed on whose instructions such a ban was imposed on him.

Further, he said that if he was a suspect in any case, the immigration and Emigration officers should have arrested him, but they had not done so because he had done nothing wrong.

He said that while he was at the Consumer Affairs Authority, he had exposed the suspects in the garlic fraud at Lanka Sathosa and brought them to justice, adding that they were reinstated and under such a situation, how he became a suspect.

Gunawardena also said that such incidents as this gives the message to government officers to either get together with such rogues and rob the country or turn a blind eye to such fraud and pretend not to see or know anything.

He further stated that although he had provided all the telephone numbers that he had received death threats after he revealed details of the garlic scam to the CID, but so far no action had been taken.

In such a situation, he said the police should reveal with what motive he was made a suspect, adding that he will take legal action against all those who obtained court orders illegally against hm.