Jan 24, 2022

Walawe Kota has disappeared! Featured

There is a suspicion that the world famous Sri Lankan dwarf elephant has gone missing.

The reason being that since last year there has not been any information regarding this much loved dwarf elephant fondly known as ‘Walawe Kota’.

This dwarf elephant was found living in the Udawalawe National Park in 2013.

Although his legs were short due to a genetic mutation, he was a well-built animal.

Although he was known as the only dwarf elephant in Sri Lanka, it was disputed in 2018. In that year another female dwarf elephant was spotted on surveillance cameras.

 Researchers believe that the two may have traveled in the same direction, and that uncertainty has now emerged about both animals.

Walawe Kota is usually seen in the national park section where tourists frequent during March to July.

Later in July, they have been observed to enter the Lunugamvehera National Park via Wetahirakanda Elephant Pass and were found traveling towards Meegahajadura, Mattala in the Hambantota District.

 Wild Elephant survey by Sameera Weeratunga

"This elephant had not been spotted from around the end of 2020 until 2022. Hence, a question arises whether some sort of change occurred in his travel pattern. There are many other reasons for such a problem in particular. There are also wounds are like scars on his legs similar to gunshot injuries.”

 Custodian of the Udawalawe National Park R.G. R.S. Ranatunga

"Most often these animals are migratory animals, but we hope to see this animal this year. This animal is not like the other animals that we usually see and there is no report of his sighting. So far we have not received any information that this animals is in any trouble.”