Jan 17, 2022

TikTok "Kiri Saman" arrested for molesting a girl!

Talangama Police have arrested four youths and two young women, including 'Tiktok Kiri Saman', for allegedly tricking a 11-year-old girl of two speech-impaired (dumb) parents and taking her to parties and giving her drugs and raping her from time to time.

The police said that the 11-year-old girl is receiving treatment at the Mulleriyawa Hospital.

The girl had left home to attend a party in Dehiwala on January 1 and her parents had complained that she had not returned home the next day, police said.

The girl had returned home a few hours later that day, but was taken to the Mulleriyawa Hospital by the police on suspicion.

Judicial Medical Officer Channa Perera confirmed that dangerous drugs were found in the girl’s body.

Thereafter, the police had managed to uncover details regarding this crime.
Towards the end of 2021 this girl had befriended another young woman through Whatsapp.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the girl had later met a youth from the Mattakkuliya area and 'Tiktok Kiri Saman' from the Rajagiriya area through this other girl.

On an invitation by ‘Tiktok Kiri Saman to attend a party, the 11-year-old girl had sneaked out of home without the knowledge of her parents on a day in December around 12 midnight and returned home around 4.00 am, she had confessed to the police.

She had also told police that Tiktok Kiri Saman had raped her that day and another youth had sex with her.

Thereafter, on a date between December 20,21 or 22nd, the girl had left the house after telling her parents that she was going to a party in the Peliyagoda area and had returned home around 6.30 am the next day, police said.

The police said that on that occasion too Tiktok Saman and another youth had engaged in sex with the girl.
The girl had met another youth at this party and based on an invitation extended by him, the girl had attended the party on January 01st in Dehiwala.

As it was late by the time the party ended, this youth had taken her to a friend’s place in Kelaniya that night and they he had sex with the girl, according to her statement to police.
The girl had not returned home until the next afternoon and the parents had lodged a complaint with the Thalangama Police, but the girl had returned home a few hours later.

Although the girl claims that she was taken by this youth to a small mud thatched room, the police have so far failed to locate this place.

Investigations revealed that every time the girl was taken to a party, she was given drugs.

Those arrested are all in the 19-22 age group and residents of the Rajagiriya, Mattakkuliya and Kelaniya areas.

The police is also scheduled to arrest several other persons who had sexually abused this girl.