Jan 12, 2022

2 state ministries abolished due to subject revision?

With the President revising the portfolios of ten ministries, two state ministries are likely to be abolished.

This situation has arisen due to the transfer of the portfolios of the State Ministry of Prison Management and Prisoners Rehabilitation and the State Ministries of Education Reforms, Open Universities and Distance Education Promotion to the line Ministries.

Although the post of Minister of State held by Susil Premajayantha was vacant after his removal, no one was appointed to it by the President, but only the National Institute of Education remains under this position at present.

All areas under the purview of the State Ministry of Prison Management and Prison Rehabilitation have been transferred to the Ministry of Justice. Lohan Ratwatte was in charge of this state ministry previously.

In addition, parts of the subjects under eight other Ministries have been transferred to several Ministries by a special gazette notification issued the day before yesterday (10th).