Jan 09, 2022

SL completes Covid-19 vaccine requirement!

Importing the total requirement of Covid-19 vaccines and booster vaccines required for Sri Lanka, has been completed as of today (08), according to State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC) sources.
The SPC and its then chairman - Dr. Prasanna Gunasena had been tasked with the importation of Covid-19 vaccines.
Accordingly, 2,865,424 AstraZeneca doses, 1,500,000 Moderna doses, 195,000 Sputnik V doses, 26,000,000 Sinopharm doses and 18,000,000 Pfizer vaccines were imported.
The vaccine doses had cost Sri Lanka between US$5 - US$7.5.
The largest number of vaccine donations came from China. In addition, the US, India and the Covax programme have also made vaccine donations.
The SPC also states that the vaccination programme of Sri Lanka is now among that of the top 10 in the world.