Jan 08, 2022

Railways Dept. suffers Rs. 10 bn. loss! Featured

The Railway Department has incurred a loss of Rs. 10 billion in 2021, said General Manager of Railways Dhammika Jayasundara.

The General Manager said that although the expenditure of the Railway Department was Rs. 14 billion last year, the revenue was around Rs. 4 billion, adding that it was unreasonable to talk about the losses without having increased the railway fares.

He said that the Railway Department had earned around Rs. 8 billion in previous years and the revenue had decreased last year due to the Covid situation.

Although bus fares have been increased periodically, train fares have not been increased so far after a very small increase in 2018. The Department of Railways is ready to talk about profits and losses if bus fares and train fares are compared, but otherwise it was pointless talking about losses, the general manager of railways added.