Dec 30, 2021

Vasu pledges never to leave President despite hooting episode!

Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara has faced strong protests in the Walamutta area in Eheliyagoda.

Protesters blocked the minister's vehicle as he arrived to open a water project in the area.

The protestors had hooted and jeered at the Minister obstructing him, when his security detail had taken steps to get him out of there.

Later the Eheliyagoda Police personnel had also arrived at the scene to control the situation and the minister had abandoned his opening event and left the area.

 (Video -Hiru TV)


 We won’t leave the President...  

Meanwhile, Minister's Media Secretary Mahendra Harischandra said in a statement that while opening the new Ratnapura District Water Supply Office Vasudeva Nanayakkara had repeatedly told the President that he had no intention of leaving him.

The statement is as follows;

You are all waiting to see what I am going to say regarding the recent incident that was highlighted by the media. What is the media always trying to do? These news broadcasters are creating news out of controversial facts. Those controversial matters is what becomes news. It is by publishing these that the popularity of the newspapers increases and interest in media increases.

Hence, they try as much to highlight these incidents and present them. The incident that you’ll witnessed is one such example.

However, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had met with media personnel and said that if they want to leave him that is their choice.

If they have a different view and want to leave, that is their choice. I won’t sack them, Vasudewa Nanayakkara said.

He was speaking at the opening of the new office of the Minister of Water Supply in the Ratnapura District. The Minister further said,

“We have repeatedly told the President that we will not leave him. Our intention is to go on this journey with the president. If we see something that will affect the country’s future, we point it out. The latest topic that is much discussed these days is the collective responsibility of the Cabinet. Whether we agree or not, we are all bound by it. That is collective responsibility. That is a policy of England. But, we have an even older policy.

Our civilization has shown us what is the best way. Conference, Discussion, Consensus I think this is something that is practiced among the monks in our temples in disciplinary action.

Discussion and disclosure of one's faults which at the end we disperse in consensus. So we have the idea that we should keep the compromise before us according to our old policy and we should stay in a pro-country common ground where we all speak honestly about the right and wrong.

Hence, neither of us three ministers have any intention of leaving the government. Every time we are asked if we are leaving the government our response has been, why should we leave the government that we helped to form?

This is the end result of a journey that has continued from the time we started Mahinda Sulanga. So much so that we have committed our lives into this. I say my heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in this work today.”

Many party members including representatives of the Ratnapura District Local Government Institutions and officials of the SLPP Head Office also participated in this event.


Mahendra Harischandra

Director (Media)

Ministry of Water Supply