Dec 29, 2021

President inspects the work of the Spices Board

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa inspected the “Kulubadu Mandiraya", Madiwela Branch of the Spices and Allied Products Marketing Board recently.

The board was set up following a request made by the residents of Meemure to the President during their visit to Meemure for the 'Chat with the Village' (Gama Samaga Pilisandara) program.

The Board was established as a solution to market and promote the produce of farmers in remote areas.

The Presidential Secretariat says that this institution was established in 1972 but remained a dormant institution until it came to the attention of the President.

The objective of setting up this institution is to provide formal solutions to a number of objectives including providing maximum market relief to the farmer as well as foreign market space for quality spices and allied products, market research, coordination, regulation, nutrition and maintaining medicinal quality.