Dec 28, 2021

National mood is turning hostile to the govt. - Ranil (Video)

UNP leader and former Prime Minister - Ranil Wickremesinghe has warned of an imminent food shortage.
In a special statement today (28), he said that this year's harvest was 60% of last year's harvest and this was not only seen in the paddy harvest but in other crops as well.
Noting that the foreign exchange crisis is aggravated, Mr. Wickremesinghe says that the government has yet to come up with a solution.
"The government must either go to the IMF and negotiate, or otherwise come up with a credible alternative," he says.
Noting that neither measures have been taken so far, he pointed out that the people of the country are suffering.
"The national mood is turning hostile to the government," he said, adding that if these issues are not resolved, "the mood will not only turn bad but there will be an explosion... An explosion that will affect the government.and parliament."
Mr. Wickremesinghe proposes that the government must take immediate steps to  finalize discussions with the Indian government to obtain foodstuff and oil on a line of credit.
"This is the only way out. This is only a temporary solution," he said.
However, he emphasized that lines of credit of foreign loans do not increase the country's foreign exchange reserves.