Dec 21, 2021

No control prices for bakery goods

The All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association say there will be no control price for any bakery products including bread from midnight today (21).

The prices will be determined by the supply and demand, they add.

The Association says it will not determine and announce standard prices of bread and other bakery products from midnight. In the past, it was the All Ceylon Bakery Owner’s Association that had set standard prices for bread and bakery products and instructed its members to sell their products at stipulated rates.

Speaking to media, President of the Association NK Jayawardena said due to the prevailing volatile situation, they cannot determine prices and instruct bakery owners to sell their products at a standard price.

He has added that prices of bakery items will also be allowed to fluctuate daily in the future, just like vegetable prices.

NK Jayawardena however urged the bakery owners not to inconvenience consumers by increasing prices sharply.