Dec 19, 2021

CCTV network sending military footage to 8 countries instantly? Featured

A network immediately sharing CCTV footage on investigations and arrests conducted by the military in the Northern area, to 08 countries has been revealed, the 'Divaina' reports.
The report by Keerthi Warnakulasooriya also says that Indian CCTV connections  have been used for this.
The report further notes as follows :
A sum of Rs. 5,000 is charged monthly to obtain this network operated by the pro-LTTE diaspora and details have been revealed by a Tamil national with anti-LTTE views who had visited Jaffna from Sweden. He had revealed that a large number of such CCTV networks exist in the North.
Security forces are unaware of this. 
The network is linked to the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada and US.