Dec 10, 2021

9 dead dolphins washes up on Mullaitivu beach (Pics)

The carcasses of nine dolphins have been discovered in the Alampil beach in Mullaitivu in the last two days, the Northern Province Wildlife Office said.

The carcasses of these dolphins had been found around 2 km off the Alampil coast in Mullaitivu based on information provided by fishermen in the area.

Wildlife officials including wildlife veterinarian B. Giridharan had found the bodies of five dead males, five to six feet long, one two feet long male dolphin and three five-foot-long female dolphins and steps were taken to bury their carcasses.

Wildlife officials said parts of the dolphins’ bodies had been sent to the Government Analyst, but could not determine a specific cause of death.

However, wildlife officials suspect that the dolphins may have died as a result of consuming plastic waste or being caught in fishing nets.