Dec 09, 2021

1,768 promotions as Sri Lanka Navy marks 71st anniversary

84 Naval officers and 1,684 other ranks have been promoted to mark the 71st anniversary of the Sri Lanka Navy, which is marked today (09).

The promotions are being made with the recommendation of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne effective from today.

Following the directives and guidance of Commander of the Navy, a host of religious and celebratory events are conducted in each Naval Command.

Sri Lanka Navy traces its history from a long way back. The Naval Volunteer Force Ordinance No. 01 of 1937 planted the seed for the first naval force in the country as the ‘Ceylon Volunteer Naval Force’.

The move was in line with a policy decision taken by the British during World War II regarding the protection of their colonies.

The Navy Act No. 34 of 1950 marked the beginning of the Regular Naval Force of Sri Lanka with the establishment of the ‘Royal Ceylon Navy’ on 09th December 1950.

The Royal Ceylon Navy, which has grown steadily since then, became the ‘Sri Lanka Navy’ on 22nd May 1972 when the country became a republic.