Apr 06, 2017

Ravi appoints 40 monitoring MPs to Finance ministry!

Finance minister Ravi Karunanayake has appointed around 40 UNP parliamentarians as monitoring MPs of his ministry, reports say.

Accordingly, 15 such MPs were granted appointments after being summoned to minister Karunanayake's office yesterday (05). A copy of the appointment letter is shown below :

The minister has conferred powers to these MPs to monitor 06 institutions that fall under the Finance ministry.

The minister has also agreed to give them a vehicle permit in return for their service.

The UNP leadership is facing grave allegations that UNP backbench MPs are not given the opportunity to serve the public despite the party now being in power. It is said that this measure has been taken by the Finance minister in his capacity as the UNP deputy leader to provide at least some relief to this issue.

Monitoring MPs were appointed to ministries during the days of the Rajapaksa regime as well and as a result, Sajin Vass Gunawardena and Duminda Silva were appointed to the foreign ministry and the Defence ministry respectively as Monitoring MPs.