Apr 05, 2017

Another massive fraud by Gamini Senarath alleged Featured

A director board member of Canwill Holdings, started on 22 December 2011 during the previous regime, had been paid Rs. 28.3 million as allowances during a three year period, state enterprise development deputy minister Eran Wickremaratne told parliament yesterday (04).

That allowance was paid at the rate of around Rs. 600,000 a month, which is ten times the salary of an MP, he said in response to a question raised by JVP’s Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa.

Shareholders of Canwill Holdings were Sri Lanka Insurance, Litro Gas, EPF, Gamini Sedara Senarath, Piyadasa Kudabalage and Mohan Alwis, with the companies holding shares worth Rs. 5,000 million, Rs. 450 million and Rs. 2,500 million, while the three individuals had held shares worth Rs. 10 each.

Wickremaratne went onto say that Senarath had also been director of several affiliates of Canwill Holdings.

No legal action has been taken so far in connection with the malpractices that had taken place in the company, he said, adding the suspension of its activities has incurred a huge loss to the state.