Oct 25, 2021

Military logo tender to a rejected company!

It is reported that there is an attempt being made to re-award the tender to a company that was rejected during the call for tenders to purchase over 500,000 official logos for the tri-forces.

Following the opening of tenders on January 11, 2021, Sri Lankan representatives from China, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom had applied for the tender.

The technical committee of the Ministry of Defense had rejected one company over their failure to fulfill several conditions in submitting the tender application. They were that the company needed to have completed Rs. 600 million worth transactions during a three year period and be willing to bear the customs charges and transport costs.

 Tenders over Rs. 500 million must be submitted to the Tender Committee of the Cabinet for approval.

 However, according to sources at the Ministry of Defense, one of the other three tenders has been delayed in order to give the rejected company another chance.

 The Technical Committee has recommended to the Cabinet Technical Committee that the official logos submitted by the three companies that have qualified for the tender are found to be defective and recommended that additional samples be called.

However, it is reported that instead, they are wasting time without even having notified the other companies to resubmit samples.