Oct 14, 2021

Five arrested over the Sathosa garlic scam out on bail

Court today ordered the release of four Sathosa employees and a businessman arrested and remanded in connection to the garlic scam reported at Lanka Sathosa.

The five individuals were produced before the Wattala Magistrate’s Court this afternoon.

The four Sathosa employees were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department on the 11th of October over two containers of garlic, in possession of Sathosa, being fraudulently sold to a businessman.

The group includes an Assistant General Manager, a Senior Supply Manager, a Supply Manager and the Manager of the Welisara Wholesale Store.

Meanwhile the businessman who purchased the stock of garlic, was arrested and remanded, and today released on bail.

A Deputy General Manager of Lanka Sathosa who was also arrested over the incident was previously released on bail.