Oct 05, 2021

Japan – Sri Lanka Joint Naval Exercise ‘JA –LAN EX’ Concludes Featured

The joint naval exercise – ‘JA –LAN EX’ held between the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) and Sri Lanka Navy concluded on a successful note off Colombo on 04th October 2021.

JMSDF ship ‘KAGA’ which arrived in Sri Lanka on an official visit on 02nd October 2021, took part in this joint naval exercise with SLNS Sagara of the Sri Lanka Navy in seas off Colombo.

The prime motive of “JA –LAN EX’ was to enhance relationships, deepen cooperation between two countries and increase bilateral ties in the scope of Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR).

The exercise comprised Search and Rescue (SAR), Divisional Tactics (DIVTACS), Station Keeping by Distance Line (SKBDL), Photo Exercise (PHOTOEX), and Farewell Pass, with the assistance of a shipborne helicopter H 60 of ‘KAGA’.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Navy bade customary farewell to the departing ship ‘KAGA’ on successful completion of ‘JA –LAN EX’, as well as JMSDF ship ‘MURASAME’ in compliance with naval traditions as they were leaving the island.