Sep 30, 2021

Mattakkuliya intelligence head arrested 

The Mattakkuliya Army Intelligence Base commander, a Lieutenant Colonel, was arrested by the Colombo North Crime Investigations Unit  yesterday (29) for aiding and abetting the murder of the Thotalanga Aruna Elle team captain.

The Lieutenant Colonel is from the 6th Gemunu regiment, and was handed over to the police on a request made to the Army as lengthy questioning of the other suspects revealed the murder was committed with his knowledge. 

Akila Sampath Rathnasiri (36) of Batuwatte Ragama, the captain of the Aruna Elle team of Thotalanga and a father of three was abducted while on his way home on 17 August at Madampe and later murdered. 

His wife, the Grama Seva officer of Samagipura, has been arrested in this regard along with 13 soldiers of the Mattakkuliya Army Camp, including a corporal who is said to be her lover. They were remanded till today (30).