Sep 24, 2021

Six from Kaduwela Chaminda’s gang arrested

The Nugegoda Police Division Crimes unit arrested a six-member gang yesterday (23) while attempting to extort money from a wealthy businessman in Hanwella. He had received death threats via phone and a demand for Rs. 20 Mn in cash.

The extortion gang is said to be controlled by a gangster Kaduwela Chaminda, based in Dubai.

The weapon used to fire at the businessman’s house was also taken into custody.

Police say that Kaduwela Chaminda was once a member of gangs run by Samayan and Urujuwa and is now the head of the Kaduwela underworld gang network. He is currently wanted for crimes ranging from extortion to drug smuggling.

He has been attempting to extort money from the businessman from 5 September. Since he did not acquiesce to his request, he had got his gang to set a lorry belonging to the businessman at a vehicle showroom in Kosgama on fire and fired at his house on 20th September.

Source: Divaina