Sep 24, 2021

Court injunction order sought against YouTube Featured

A case has been filed against YouTube LLC, headquartered in the USA, for the first in Sri Lanka, at the Colombo District Court for telecasting a defamatory video.

REC Education Centre has filed against Youtube LLC for not taking measures to remove a defamatory video on it, despite complaints and legal notices forward to them.

The defence includes a YouTube channel “Colombo Today’ and its creator Keerthi Dunuwila and YouTube.

Colombo Additional District Judge K.K. Liyanage issued an injunction order against YouTube and Colombo Today’s Keerthi Dunuwila, taking into account the case filed by the plaintiff. It stated that the address for the Colombo Today channel was a fake one that belonged to an entertainment centre in the United Kingdom, and that the contents of the video against REC was fake and defamatory, among other matters.