Sep 23, 2021

Media can't be controlled by tough laws - minister

Minister of Mass Media - Dulles Alahapperuma has said that the media cannot be controlled by tough laws.
He was speaking at yesterday's cabinet briefing (22) when he was asked about the present status of the plans announced to control social media.
"As the minister of mass media and a co-cabinet spokesman, I responsibly state that the government will not take any measures to control social media," he said.
The Media Minister said that his intention is to get everyone together and reach an agreement on reporting ethics, noting that already there are media ethics introduced by the Editor’s Guild of Sri Lanka and the Broadcasting Guild.
He noted that there is a large number of parties adversely affected by misinformation and misreporting, the minister urged to be considerate of them and exercise some control.
However, media can't be controlled by tough laws and the only way to introduce ethics is through cordial discussions, he added.
"That is the policy of the government... I emphasise that we will not control media by imposing useless laws," he concluded.