Mar 29, 2017

Cabinet approved paddy to Arjun’s distillery Featured

The cabinet has sanctioned the releasing of 4,000 metric tons, or four million kilos, of paddy to the distillery said to be owned by Arjun Aloysius, who is implicated in the Central Bank bond sale scam, leading farmers’ rights activist Namal Karunaratne charges.

Rural economic affairs minister P. Harrison and some others had mediated to get this approval, with commissions possibly changing hands, the national organizer of the Lanka Agrarian Conference says.

According to him, the government has also allotted quality paddy to be used as animal feed, giving 91 million mt. in 2016 alone.

An artificial paddy shortage is created while stockpiling in order to supply towards liquor production and for major mill owners to earn big profits, Karunaratne charges.

Meanwhile, SLFP youth front president Shantha Bandara told the media yesterday (28) accused the present government of giving duty concessions for distilleries, after coming to power by leveling drug and ethanol charges against the previous regime.

He urged the public not to misunderstand the government’s image tarnished due to the CB bond sale scam.

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