Sep 04, 2021

‘Prioritise O/L and A/L students for Pfizer vaccine’

The Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists questions the government, as to how the vaccination drive choose to disburse the Pfizer vaccine in Hambantota, by ignoring the needs of children facing the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations.

President of the Association Ravi Kumudesh said the government must explain reasons behind such decisions.

He said citizens of Hambantota must be vaccinated.

However Kumudesh questioned the Health Ministry as to why the Pfizer vaccine was being administered focusing Hambantota, by utilising the help of the Sri Lanka Army and the National Youth Services Council.

In the event the government carries out the vaccination of those under 18 years, Kumudesh said the government must prioritise groups that require vaccination immediately.

Kumudesh added the education system has collapsed, and students sitting national exams will not have bonus years in life because certain tests were delayed due to the pandemic.


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