Sep 04, 2021

6,000 health workers Covid-19 infected  Featured

Health authorities say that 6,000 health workers have tested positive for Covid-19 while 09 fatalities have been reported.
The infected figure includes a considerable number of doctors, nurses and junior staff members, reports say.
The Health sector is among the most prominent frontline workers working during the pandemic. Due to their constant exposure to the virus, many of their family members too, have now been infected, authorities point out.
In a letter, the Government Nursing Officers' Association (GNOA) has urged the Health minister to provide the salary of fallen health workers to their families, until their service tenure comes to an end.
Pointing out that the Defence ministry has presented a cabinet paper to do this to families of police officers who had died from Covid-19, the GNOA urges the Health ministry to do the same for fallen Health workers.